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   The very words “Polynesia” and “Tahiti” conjure up a tropical paradise of bronzed Tahitian beauties in colorful  pareos,  beaming, welcoming smiles and sun drenched islands. They represent all we think of when imagining exquisite beauty, dreamy days of relaxation, romantic sunsets and moonlit nights. The crystal clear turquoise of her lagoons, said by James Michener to be  “the most beautiful in the world”,   her powder soft beaches,   verdant towering mountains clothed in deep velvet greenery and studded with jewel-like flowers, the warmth and generosity of her people, Tahiti and her islands will simply enchant you.        
All the 118 islands are distinctly different from each other, each one has its own individual charms. Papeete is more cosmopolitan and Moorea is different from Bora Bora, so you will want to visit each one of them. They are all soothed by the softly blowing trade winds that gently rustle the foliage of the palm trees, or, depending on the season, cooled by the Maraamu that blows from the South in the Austral winter.   
Everywhere the air is pure and unpolluted, perfumed only with the fragrance of vanilla and the vast variety of brilliant flowers, especially the national flower, the Tiare, which is used in the beautiful lei’s that welcome arriving guests . Lovely, vivid floral arrangements are a fixture of every guest  room, arranged in  vivid patterns on the bed, in bouquets, and bursting all around you on the grounds of your resort. It truly intoxicates you.  All of which adds up to a sybaritic holiday of pure relaxation and exotic dream building to remember forevermore.
It is no surprise that people speak  of Tahiti in jewel terms because  her plethora of green islands are every bit as precious as the pearls the islands are known for. From the air the view below resembles emeralds that have been scattered over the lagoon like a broken necklace.
The lagoons are a natural for excellent snorkeling, diving, sailing, surfing, outrigger canoeing, kayaking or catamaran  cruising .  Divers will find it ideal for all levels of experience where they can choose from shallow waters to oceanic drop-offs, sunken ships and planes, bright coral walls and always schools of exotic fish. For the adventurous or energetic there is, biking, hiking into the thick interior, mountain climbing , safari tours, and visits to botanical gardens and pineapple fields. The fertile valleys are home to plantations of cotton, sugarcane, coffee and pineapple  and  are also worth a visit.
Accommodations are particularly unique to Tahiti – most popular are the thatched roofed bungalows perched over the lagoon on stilts, all with their own sundeck and swim pontoon, for direct access to the lagoon, equipped with snorkels and swim fins. A glass floor panel in the rooms allows you to watch the colorful fish swimming below.
With the addition of spa facilities within the luxury resorts and cruise ships, Tahiti & Her Islands has quickly become one of the world's leading spa destinations. Most spas are open-air and located in garden areas facing the blue lagoons. Polynesian Spas have definitely been designed by Mother Nature since all the natural ingredients for the world's perfect spa are here; soothing lagoon waters,  vanilla and flower scented breezes, the use of natural oils and essences, the tranquility of the quiet islands, and the scenic wonders that surround each spa. Some call it a "spa within a spa" experience, one found nowhere else on earth. Couples can enjoy treatments together in special spa suites.         
It is no wonder then that this paradise is a favorite of honeymooners, as romantic moments experienced  here will remain in your memory for a lifetime.
Seeing Tahiti requires island hopping from one to the other and it is certainly a must if you wish to truly enjoy all that is encompassed in this magical world. But that requires boat or air transfers, etc.  and  you definitely need experienced local assistance. It is important that all arrangements be made in advance as hotels, flights and all services are often fully booked so our island tour partner, Tahiti Nui Tours plans every step of your trip in advance and handles all details on the spot. Whether you want a private island picnic near Bora Bora or a canoe delivered breakfast in your over-water bungalow, all will be expertly arranged. 
Tahiti is the  ultimate South Pacific island paradise and we feature here a taste of three of the best known islands, each of which offers world class resorts, exquisite spas, unmatched water activities, International and traditional Polynesian restaurants, and typical Tahitian arts and crafts for your shopping pleasure.
             Papeete : The invigorating capital and the largest city. There is a wealth of shops of all types, quaint and typical restaurants, sidewalk cafes and a vibrant waterfront for dining or enjoying a typical orange sunset with a cool Tahitian cocktail.

Moorea:  Soaring so magically from the Pacific in a magnificent explosion of green velvet, shallow lagoons and incredible waterfalls. More relaxed than Papeete and considered one of the best places for wind surfing, snorkeling, parasailing and diving.
  Bora Bora: Perfect white sand beaches border the ethereal, emerald lagoon, a rainbow of brightly colored fish look like an array of Christmas tree lights all aglow and brilliant hibiscus blossoms scent the pure air. This island may be described as the epicenter of the romantic universe.

Regulations: Everyone must have a valid passport to enter Tahiti. U.S., Canadian and Mexican passport holders can stay up to 30 days without needing a visa. Check with your nearest French Consulate office for updates and other nationalities' procedures.

Climate : This tropical paradise has only two seasons - the wet season, from November to April, is the most humid and cloudy with temperatures of 80 F to 86 F
(27 to 30 degrees C). February & March are the hottest months. Water temperatures are generally about 80F. Storms can be frequent but brief
. May through October is by far the best time to go.

Dress code: Casual is the rule of thumb; Shorts, T-shirts, light cottons, pareus and flip flops. You can wear bathing suits and pareus in any of the resorts all  day long even in the restaurants. 'Dressing up' is not the norm on the islands . For dinner  casual slacks & sport shirts are best for men and cool sundresses for women . Comfortable walking shoes and flip flops are best for all occasions, from the beach to nighttime activities.

Food and water: Fresh fish, fruits and vegetables are the main stay of any menu. Tap water is safe to drink and fine for brushing your teeth , but bottled water is provided in every room. If you are sightseeing or venturing away from the resort it's a good idea to take a bottle with you.

Tipping: Not customary and not expected, but appreciated for special service.

Language:  French and English are the  spoken languages.
Currency: French Pacific Franc (XPF). Approximately 100 XPF = $1 US

NOTE: The tropical sun can be treacherous  so a good sun screen is a necessity, as is an insect repellant against mosquitos.

Island Hopping : There is a ferry (it takes only 30 minutes) from Papeete to Moorea as well as a 10 minute flight. For the other islands flights are necessary and must be booked in advance.

International Flights: The official Tahitian airline is Air Tahiti Nui which has nonstop flights from New York (12 hours) and Los Angeles (8 hours). This is a wonderful way to start your Tahitian holiday.

Fly to Paradise Year Round - Special Fares:
Coach Class to Tahiti  -  Low Season:   Jan. 1 to June 15
                                         High Season:
 June 16 to Sept. 10  & Dec. 12 to 31
Roundtrip - Non Stop:
From Los Angeles: Low Season Midweek:  $1001     High Season Midweek: $1107
                                 Business Class: $2652
From New York:     Low Season:Midweek:  $1293  -  High Season Midweek:$1396
                                 Business Class: $2781

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