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Thermia Palace Balnea Palace

                      Thermia Palace                                                                     Balnea Palace



    A Quiet spa resort town , Piestany was founded in 1889 in the picturesque valley of the Vah river. The spa is renowned for successful treatment of arthritis and is the most significant spa of Slovakia indicated for treatment of patients with diseases of locomotor organs. The main indications for a spa treatment in Piestany are all forms of inflammatory and degenerative rheumatic diseases, radicular syndromes and states after accidents and orthopaedic operations such as:
  Rheumatoid arthritis
  Reactive or secondary arthritis
  Non-joint arthritis
  Pre-operative preparation for a
  planned  joint replacement
  Ankylosing spondylitis
  Degenerative join diseases
  Polyneuropathy with purctic signs
  Vertebrigenic syndrome

          Many treatment methods are based on the extraordinary therapeutic effects of thermal springs and curative mud. Excellent results can also be observed after acupuncture, which is performed by specially trained physicians. In individual cases,  treatment using medication is contained in the complex bath treatment, which is necessary sometimes. Curative nutrition is a significant part of the comprehensive spa treatment. The diet system in our spa resort is based on the physiological principle, providing balanced diets. The calorific content of the diet respects the loading of patient during balneo-therapeutic applications
           Piestany offers beautiful parks, sport facilities, summer music festival, year-round live entertainment, casino, and shopping.
          Gateway airports are
Bratislava and Vienna. Transfers are available as follows: (For 1 or 2 people per car)

From Braitislava: $120   -    From Vienna: $173 -    From Prague: $460   
  From/To Rail Station: $13

Spa Piestany

       Spa Hotel Thermia Palace
                   * * * * *

       An exceptional hotel built in a unique architectural style - the height of Art Nouveau in Slovakia - is one the most beautiful and oldest buildings in Piešťany. Recent reconstruction of the hotel regained its original splendour and elegance, elevating it to become the first 5-star spa hotel in Slovakia.

        It lies in the very heart of the Piešťany spa area, right by the thermal springs and healing mud sources. The connection with the Irma Balneotherapy center provides excellent conditions for both a spa stay and spa treatment in all seasons.
      The renewed and fully air-conditioned Thermia Palace offers 111 rooms, including 15 suites. The interior was designed by an Austrian designer who decided to freshen up the old-time beauty of the hotel with a touch of modern spirit. Restoration specialists are working hard to preserve the rich exterior and interior decorations - the reliefs, masks and façades, ceramic elements, paneling and stained glass – for present and future.

Balnea Palace

   Spa Hotel Balnea Esplanade
                  * * * *

      In the pleasant environment of the park, in the central part of the Spa Island. Our guests are welcomed with peace, silence and gorgeous greenery. Balnea Esplandade is directly inter-connected with balneo-rehabilitation where we provide complex curative and medical care.
    Balnea Esplanade Palace offers attractive services for active people looking for relaxation and entertainment in the unique environment of the Spa Island. Within the hotel you can find the new water and sauna world. Indoor and outdoor pool offering a number of water attractions including – massage jets, Jacuzzi, gargoyles and relaxation deckchairs. The sauna world with infra sauna, sultry bath, Finnish sauna, solarium and relaxation zone is directly interconnected with water world.
     Guests can use also other high-quality services of modern hotel – shopping passage, cozy peaceful coffeehouses or night bar with varied music production.

                                         SPA PACKAGES 
      Rates valid until April 2nd
                                    Rates may chamge due to currency fluctuation
    Traditional Spa Stay
Services included in all medical spa stays:

  • Accommodation  in standard room with full board (buffet breakfast, lunch, dinner)

  • Tax and service charges

  • Diet plan if requested

  •  Medical examinations (initial medical examination, medical check-up, final medical examination,  written medical report, 24-hour medical emergency and nurse service)

  • Basic laboratory tests; urine, glycaemia-blood sugar, uric acid, total cholesterol , hepatic tests - AST, ALT, &  GMT, blood count, FW –sedimentation)

  • Diagnostics and laboratory tests basic laboratory tests; ECG

  • 4 treatments per day  -(based on physician prescription; treatments are not provided on Sundays and at the local national holidays) Optimal selection from more than 60 various treatments: treatments using the unique thermal mineral water and healing sulphurous mud.

  • Free entrance to the pool area, fitness centre, “Energy path” and group exercise lessons (Pilates, Tai-chi, Yoga,  Aerobic, Aqua aerobic)

               HOTEL Traditional Spa Pkg. Classic
Daily rate per person
Companion Rate
Daily hotel rate
  14 nights 21 nights

Spa Hotel
Thermia Palace

Twin Sgl. Twin Sgl. Twin Single
May 1 -Oct. 16
Dec. 25 -Jan.7, 2017
Comfort room w/AC
Deluxe Room w/AC
$2409 $3161 $3269 $4290 $124 $199
$2710 $3462 $3677 $4699 $145 $220
April 11-30
Oct.16 - Nov. 19
Comfort room w/AC
Deluxe room w?AC
$2183 $2785 $2962 $3780 $108 $172
$2409 $3011 $3269 $4086 $124 $188
Nov. 20 - Dec. 24
Jan. 8 - 14, 2017
Comfort room w/AC
Deluxe room w/AC
$1957 $2409 $2656 $3269 $91 $145
$2183 $2634 $2962 $3575 $108 $161
Superior room supplement: $30 per person, per night. New Years Eve $120per person. Companion rate includes breakfast only. Supplement for 1 meal - $19 per person
               HOTEL Traditional Spa Pkg. Classic
Daily rate per person
Companion Rate
Daily hotel rate

Spa Hotel
Balnia Esplanade Palace

14  nights 21 nights
Twin Sgl. Twin Sgl. Twin Single
May 1 - Oct. 15
Dec.25 - Jan.7, 2017
Comfort room $2184 $2520 $2390 $2758 $94 $113
Premier room w/AC $2744 $3080 $3003 $3371 $126 $145
Superior Plus w/AC $2744 $4107 $3003 $4495 $126 $172
April 11 - 30
Oct. 16 - Nov. 19
Comfort room $1960 $2296 $2145 $2513 $81 $100
Premier room w/AC $2333 $2669 $2554 $2922 $102 $122
Superior Plus w/AC $2333 $2763 $2554 $3024 $102 $127
Nov. 20 -Dec.24
Jan. 8 -14, 2017
Comfort room $1841 $2147 $1982 $2349 $72 $91
Premier room w/AC $2184 $2520 $2390 $2758 $94 $113
Superior Plus w/AC $2184 $2520 $2390 $2758 $94 $113

For Reservations:
   Gerie Bauer


 Please mention name of the spa in your inquiry

 (212) 889-8170