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     Health tourism has become a major draw for Eastern Europe, with high quality, low cost dental treatment a top favorite. Hungary’s capital city of Budapest tops the list as one of the most popular because of its:

§         High quality modern facilities, services and multi-lingual technicians

§         Exceptional standards of patient care and customer service

§         Prices at almost half the cost of  normal dental  procedures  elsewhere.

§         Easy access to get to

§        The excellent spas it is famous for

§         The wide variety of cultural and interesting excursions available

What could be more pleasant than going on vacation while tending to your dental
       work at such a low cost that the savings actually pay for your holiday?    

      The British company's, Prime Dental Clinic in Budapest specializes in cosmetic and dental implants, porcelain veneers, porcelain and zirconium oxide crowns, restor- ative and cosmetic dentistry and tooth whitening.  Generally these are the most expensive dental  procedures elsewhere but at the clinics budget rates they become extremely affordable.

 Packages include:

§         Hotel accommodations with a choice of hotels in every price range

§         Airport transfers

§         Free consultation

§         Free panoramic X-Ray

§         Arrangements for spa programs or excursions

Sample fees to compare to your own dental plan:
Full dental  price list on request

§         Root canal                          EUR 80

§         Porcelain covered crown    EUR 205

§         Large filling –                     EUR 80

§         Porcelain veneer                EUR 250

§         Surgical extraction             EUR 110

§        Implants  from                    EUR 650
((Swiss-American made) 

         Budapest is known for it's famous therapeutic spas so consider including a spa program at the same time and you treat yourself to a complete physical and dental new YOU. All-inclusive  package price including accommodations is available with a choice of hotels.
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